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Dec 26, 2012

Robert Kloss is the guest. His latest novel, The Alligators of Abraham, is now available from Mud Luscious Press.

David Ohle raves

"In this amazing, collapsed-time text, I’m led along dark alleys of American history by an all-seeing voice-over narrative that reports on things from a great height and in an ultra-factual way. Familiar events of war, sorrow and struggle are seen anew, as if on a slide under a microscope.”

And Adam Braver says

“In The Alligators of Abraham, Robert Kloss drops us into the darkness of the Civil War, showing a culture perpetually on the edge of extinction. Yet out of that murky world, hazed and fogged, rise the clear and distinct shapes of a people not ready to surrender to their own haunting. A novel as lyrical as it is precise in its depiction of the struggle to maintain dignity.”

Monologue topics:  burnout, empty-headedness, children's books, subversive kid poems, the power of one, ripple effects.