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Jul 27, 2014

Stuart Dybek is the guest. He is the award-winning author of several books of fiction and poetry, including Childhood and Other Neighborhoods, The Coast of Chicago, Streets in Their Own Ink, and I Sailed With Magellan.

George Saunders says

"[Stuart Dybek] somehow manages to conjure up beautiful, detailed imitations of real America, and then infuse them with so much surreal truth that they read like myths or fairy tales. Like the Chicago he often writes about, his work is full of genuine sentiment, and edge, and beauty. One of the most soulful writers in America, and a national treasure."

And the Chicago Tribune calls him

"A magician comparable to Eudora Welty and Joy Williams."

Monologue topics:  Episode 300, wondering if it means anything, writing in coffee shops, guilt.