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Dec 31, 2014

Mark Gluth is the guest. His new novel No Other is available now from Sator Press.

Kate Zambreno says

"In Mark Gluth's beautiful family gothic No Other, the reader encounters a landscape of mood and mystery, burning with a stripped-down pain. Gluth's sentences devastate in their raw economy, attempting to penetrate...

Dec 24, 2014

Luke B. Goebel is the guest. His new novel, Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours, is now available from Fiction Collective Two.

Kirkus Reviews says

“If Kerouac were writing today, his work might look something like this—and despite the title, many of the stories are indeed ours, as they focus on love and loss,...

Dec 17, 2014

Lynn Lurie is the guest. Her new novel, Quick Kills, is available now from Etruscan Press.

Kirkus Reviews says

"Prepare to be disturbed by this slim but disquieting novel about the perils of youth and the trespasses committed against a young girl. This second novel by Lurie (Corner of the Dead, 2008) is purposefully...

Dec 10, 2014

Michael McGriff and J.M. Tyree are the guests. Their new story collection, Our Secret Life in the Movies, is now available from A Strange Object.

The Washington Post says

"This beautiful, devastating little book is quite unlike anything else I've ever encountered, and if you grew up in a small town in the 1980s feeling...

Dec 3, 2014

Mike Bushnell is the guest. His latest poetry collection is called OHSO, and it's available now from Scrambler Books.

Scott McClanahan says

"OHSO is revolutionary. It has seen death. Mike Bushnell is a ghost of the classics."

And Beach Sloth says

"Mike Bushnell is a tornado of a person. Everything around him gets sucked...