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May 20, 2015

Sarah Tomlinson is the guest. Her new memoir, Good Girl, is available now from Gallery Books. 

Jill Soloway says

"Good Girl is a father-daughter story unlike any other I’ve read before. Tomlinson’s prose is vivid and compelling, bringing you right along with her as she travels from her rural hometown to the big city in search of fulfillment, clarity, and—hopefully—a sense of peace in her relationship with the man who made her who she is."

And Edan Lepucki calls it

"A forthright, sensitive, and compelling memoir about one woman's often fraught relationship with her father. I read it in a day and felt mournful when it was over. Tomlinson is a clear-eyed yet compassionate writer, and the emotional rigor that she brings to this book is both rare and beautiful."

Monologue topics: Chicago, houseguests, broken bones, closed door paranoia.