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Nov 27, 2013

Jamie Iredell is the guest. His new essay collection,  I Was a Fat Drunk Catholic School Insomniac, is now available from Future Tense.

Scott McClanahan says

“Jamie Iredell is one of the two or three best writers I know in this world. If you read him—you’ll say the same thing. If you don’t, that’s fine. Your...

Nov 24, 2013

Claire Vaye Watkins is the guest. Her debut story collection, Battleborn, is now available in paperback from Riverhead.

Antonya Nelson, writing for The New York Times Book Review, says

“Although individual stories stand alone, together they tell the tale of a place, and of the population that thrives and...

Nov 20, 2013

Kevin Sampsell is the guest. His debut novel, This is Between Us, is now available from Tin House Books.

Jess Walter, author of Beautiful Ruins, says

"In This Is Between Us Kevin Sampsell writes with grace and intimacy about the toughest subject of all—love—and manages to capture a relationship in its natural...

Nov 17, 2013

Daniel Alarcón is the guest. His new novel, At Night We Walk in Circles, is now available from Riverhead Books. The New York Times Book Review calls it

"Wise and engaging...a provocative study of the way war culture ensnares both participant and observer, the warping fascination of violence, and the disfiguring...

Nov 13, 2013

Anne Marie Wirth Cauchon is the guest. Her debut novel, Nothing, is now available from Two Dollar Radio.

Joy Williams calls it

"A burning mean and darkly mysterious read."

And Kate Zambreno says

"I could tell you that Anne Marie Wirth Cauchon has written an utterly contemporary novel of our fragmented culture, a...