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Mar 25, 2015

Daniel Handler is the guest. His new novel We Are Pirates is now available from Bloomsbury. 

Booklist, in a starred review, says

"Handler (aka children's author Lemony Snicket) has never been known for writing precisely happy novels, and his latest certainly doesn't deviate. What could easily have been a slightly silly, fantastical romp becomes, instead, in Handler's capable hands, a macabre, darkly human portrayal of family dynamics and growing up in a world running low on adventure . . . peppered with black humor."

And Jess Walter says

"We Are Pirates will dazzle, disturb, and delight you. It might even do things to you that don't start with the letter D, like remind you what it's like to be young, or convince you that Daniel Handler can do anything."

Monologue topics: the dentist, cough, mail, work, fear, money, children.