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Aug 26, 2012

Elizabeth Ellen is the author of the chapbook Before You She was a Pit Bull (Future Tense) and Fast Machine, a collection of her best work from the last decade. Support indie bookstores! Shop here.

Ellen's stories, poems and essays have appeared in numerous online and print journals over the last 15 years, including elimae, Hobart, Fanzine, Bookslut, Muumuu House, BOMBBLOG, American Short Fiction, New York Tyrant, McSweeney’s, The Guardian, Joyland, Catapult, Bennington Review, FENCE, and Salon

In 2012 Ellen received a Pushcart Prize for her story, “Teen Culture,” originally published in American Short Fiction and included in her second story collection, Saul Stories (SF/LD, 2017). She is also the author of the story collection Fast Machine (a cult classic published in 2012), the novel Person/a, and the poetry collection Elizabeth Ellen

She is deputy editor at the literary journal Hobart, and, in 2006, Ellen founded Short Flight/Long Drive Books (SF/LD). Through SF/LD, she has published and edited such seminal works as Mary Miller's Big World, Chelsea Martin's Even Though I Don't Miss You, and Chloe Caldwell's Women, among many others. 

In 2014, Ellen authored a controversial essay for which she was removed from an anthology of ‘provocative women writers’ to be published by Black Lawrence Press. Upon Ellen's public removal from the anthology, several other prominent female writers pulled their names and contributions from the anthology in support of Ellen, including Roxane Gay, Cheryl Strayed, Laura van den Berg, Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter, xTx, Mary Miller and Jac Jemc.


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