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Apr 28, 2013

Fiona Maazel is the guest. Her new novel, Woke Up Lonely, is now available from Graywolf Press.

The Daily Beast says

"[Maazel] has a real talent for taking these existential millstones of modern life—fear of death, failure, being alone, everything—and filtering them into morbidly funny, troublingly familiar forms....

Apr 24, 2013

Scott Nadelson is the guest. His new memoir, The Next Scott Nadelson: A Life in Progress, is now available from Hawthorne Books.

Kirkus calls it

"Eloquent and universal."

And The Portland Mercury says

"It’s unusual to read a memoir built of short stories, but it works—instead of forcing a narrative arc onto his...

Apr 21, 2013

Tupelo Hassman is the guest. Her debut novel, Girlchild, has just been published in paperback by Picador. 

The New York Times raves

"A voice as fresh as hers is so rare that at times I caught myself cheering. . . .I’d go anywhere with this writer."

And The Boston Globe says

"So fresh, original, and funny you’ll...

Apr 17, 2013

Rob Roberge is the guest. His new novel, The Cost of Living, is now available from Other Voices Books. It is the April selection of the TNB Book Club.

Cheryl Strayed says

"Roberge’s writing is both drop-dead gorgeous and mindbendingly smart. The Cost of Living is an intimate, original, important novel that I’ll be...

Apr 14, 2013

Michelle Orange is the guest. Her new essay collection, This is Running for Your Life, is now available from Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. The Daily Beast calls it

"A brilliant collection of essays on modern life, and ways that technology and connectivity are changing how we interact with the world....As Orange brilliantly...