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Jun 27, 2018

Poe Ballantine is the guest. His new novel, Whirlaway, is available now from Hawthorne Books. 

In today's monologue, I talk about my vacation in Michigan.

Jun 20, 2018

Jamel Brinkley is the guest. His debut story collection, Lucky Man, is available now from Graywolf Press.

In today's monologue, I talk about being on vacation. 

Jun 13, 2018

Chelsea Hodson is the guest. Her new essay collection, Tonight I'm Someone Else, is available now from Henry Holt. It is the official June pick of The Nervous Breakdown Book Club.

This is Chelsea's second time on the program. She first appeared in Episode 340 on January 7, 2015.

In today's monologue, I talk about how...

Jun 8, 2018

It's been a rough week. The suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are so incredibly sad. The effects ripple out. We feel the sting of these losses in a strangely personal way. They seem to function as both standalone tragedies and universal distress signals, indicators of the great suffering roiling beneath...

Jun 6, 2018

Aja Gabel is the guest. Her debut novel The Ensemble is available now from Riverhead Books.

In today's monologue, I talk about losing my shit on an umbrella.