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Apr 27, 2022

Caren Beilin is the author of the novel Revenge of the Scapegoat, available from Dorothy.

Beilin's other books are Blackfishing the IUD (Wolfman Books, 2019), Spain (Rescue Press, 2018), The University of Pennsylvania (Noemi Press, 2014), and the chapbook Americans, Guests, or Us (Diagram/New Michigan Press, 2012)....

Apr 24, 2022

Today on the program, a special sneak preview of my new novel, Be Brief and Tell Them Everything, available now for preorder and wherever books are sold on May 10, 2022 in trade paperback and audiobook formats. This is an excerpt from the audiobook edition, read by yours truly. It is the first time any part of the novel...

Apr 20, 2022

Zac Smith is the author of the debut story collection Everything is Totally Fine, available from Muumuu House.

Smith's other books includeTwo Million Shirts (2021), of which he is co-author, and a poetry collection entitled 50 Barn Poems (2019). He lives in Massachusetts.


Otherppl with Brad Listi is a weekly...

Apr 13, 2022

Julia May Jonas is the author of the debut novel Vladimir, available from Avid Reader Press.

Jonas is a playwright and teaches theater at Skidmore College. She holds an MFA in playwriting from Columbia University and lives in Brooklyn with her family. Vladimir is her debut novel.


Otherppl with Brad Listi is a weekly...

Apr 6, 2022

Anakana Schofield is the author of Bina: A Novel in Warnings, a New York Review Book.

Schofield is an award-winning Irish-Canadian writer of fiction, essays, and literary criticism. Her previous novels are Malarky (2012) and Martin John (2015). The UK edition of Bina was shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize 2020. She...