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Apr 29, 2015

Erika Krouse is the guest. Her new novel, Contenders, is available now from Rare Bird Books. It is the official April pick of The Nervous Breakdown Book Club.

Bookslut says

"Krouse...writes with a pulse-pounding and engaging ferocity that grabs at the reader...Contenders is heart-racingly original."

And Steve Almond...

Apr 22, 2015

Heidi Pitlor is the guest. She is the editor of the Best American Short Stories anthologies and the author of the new novel The Daylight Marriage, available now from Algonquin Books.

Stephen King calls it

"Hypnotically readable--I absolutely couldn't put it down. The structure is brilliant, and I turned the pages with...

Apr 15, 2015

Sarah Nicole Prickett is the guest. She is the founder of Adult magazine and a contributing editor at The New Inquiry.

Monologue topics: Ex Machina, artificial intelligence, hiking, nature, mountain lions.



Apr 8, 2015

Monica McClure is the guest. Her debut poetry collection, Tender Data, is now available from Birds LLC.

NPR says

"McClure may be the poster-girl for a new generation of poets: irreverent, well-read, sexy, even dirty, snarky, but ultimately fighting an earnest battle against reductiveness and easy answers to the complex...

Apr 1, 2015

Michiko Kakutani is the guest. She is the chief book critic for the New York Times and a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize.

Monologue topics: kicking, worrying, mail, bless you, all businesses are awful.